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The True Front Access VRLA Long life alloy and design Telecordia cerified exceeding 13 years service lifef.
  •            Tested and qualified by Telecordia to meet SR-4228 requirements.
  •            True Front Access threaded copper alloy inserts for reduced maintenance and increased safety.
  •            Terminal versatility -ease of diagnostic readings with Ohmic Ring
  •            Reduced headspce driving higher energy density, in cabinet or rack applications
  •            Removable handles for ease of installation
  •            Innovative front terminal design maximizing ernergy density with direct connect extrusion fusion weld technology.
  •           Thermally welded case-to-over bond to ensure a leak-proof seal.


  •           Flame-retardan polypropylene case and cover compliant with UL94 V-O with an Oxygen Limiting Index of greaater than 28.
  •           Absorbent Glass Matt(AGM) technology for efficient gas rrecombination 99% plus.
  •           flame-arresting, one-way pressure-relief vent for safety and long life.
  •           Complies with UL1778,924, 1989 and 94 V-0. BS6290PT4, IEC-896-2 UL-recognized component.
  •           Can be used in Upright, side or end munting orientation.
  •           Multi-cell design for ease of installation and maintenance.
Model DESIGN LIFE 25°C Volt/Unit C8,1.75V, 25°C(Ah)

FR Rating

Terminal Type Dimensions(mm) Weight(kg) C10,1.80V,20°C(Ah)
  L/D W H
TEL 12-160FW 10 years 12 160 UL94-V2 INSERT 166 131 174 55 153
TEL 12-160F 10 years 12 157 UL94-V2 INSERT 197 132 173 53 151
TEL 12-160F 10 years 12 181 UL94-V2 INSERT 228 139 205.6 60 174

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